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The Record Breaking Thrills of Fury 325

Ashlyn Hunter

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

Reason #63 to have a Carowinds Season Pass: A summer with Fury 325, voted the world’s best steel coaster by the readers of Amusement Today.

A season filled with adrenaline on the world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster. Need we say more? Voted World’s Best Steel Roller Coaster by the readers of Amusement Today, Fury 325 is just one of the many reasons you should have a Season Pass to Carowinds.


Golden Ticket Awards

Fury 325 now holds the prestigious title of World’s Best Steel Roller Coaster thanks to the voters of Amusement Today. The Golden Ticket Awards are hosted annually to recognize the achievements of amusement parks and their rides around the world. Millennium Force, located at Cedar Point, previously held the title of World’s Best Steel Roller Coaster for six years.

golden ticket award

This achievement also names Carowinds the only amusement park in the world to be home to two of Amusement Today’s top 10 steel roller coasters. The Intimidator holds ranking number eight.

At its debut, Fury 325 entered the running at No. 4, the highest ranking for a new ride during the history of the Golden Ticket Awards. During its first season, Fury 325 also received the honor of Amusement Today’s “Best New Ride.”

Unlimited access to this award-winning coaster is just a click away, buy your 2017 Season Pass today!

Record Breaking Thrill – Fury 325

Fury 325 is breaking records across the board with its full throttle swarm. Standing at 325 feet tall and reaching speeds of 95 mph, this giga coaster is the tallest and fastest of its kind. Fury 325 also holds the title of North America’s longest steel coaster, with over 1.25 miles of track.

Fury 325 sends riders through thrilling elements to simulate the flight of an angry hornet chasing its target. Swarm over and under while crossing both the North and South Carolina state lines and feel the sting of this record-breaking roller coaster. This ride never lets up during its 3.25-minute ride.

With a 2017 Season Pass to Carowinds, you can feel the sting of Fury 325 all season long!

Early Ride Times

Everyone wants a ride on Fury 325. Beat the lines with a 2017 Season Pass. Your Season Pass gives you exclusive access to Fury 325 before the park opens to the public on select days all summer long. Check out our complete Early Ride Time calendar.

record breaking roller coasters

Purchase your 2017 Carowinds Season Pass today, and spend your entire summer feeling the sting of the world’s best steel roller coaster, Fury 325! PRICES GO UP JUNE 6th!

Download our 2017 Season Pass Benefits Guide!


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Ashlyn Hunter

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

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