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Hornet’s Nest of Rebellion

Ashlyn Hunter

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

Since opening in 1973, Carowinds has been the place where the Carolinas come together. This amusement park is a place to celebrate Carolina history and culture while having the best day ever. For this reason, a trip to the park is consistently one of our Carolinians' favorite things to do in Charlotte.

In 2015, Carowinds unveiled an attraction that would renew the skyline and symbolize changes to come – Fury 325, the world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster.

Charlotte History

This roller coaster stands 325 feet tall, sending riders swarming over and under the North and South Carolina state lines at speeds up to 95 mph. Fury 325 also holds the record for longest steel coaster in North America with over 1.25 miles of track and a ride duration of 3.25 minutes.

This ride, a favorite among all thrill-seekers, simulates the flight of an angry hornet, connecting the historic past of the Carolinas with its thrilling future.

A Hornet’s Nest of Rebellion

During the American Revolution, British general Cornwallis came to Charlotte on a mission to destroy the Continental Army in 1780. The Battle of Charlotte and Kings Mountain ensued. Cornwallis couldn’t handle local partisans in Charlotte during his visit, staying only 16 days and calling the area “a hornet’s nest of rebellion.”

This statement inspired Charlotte’s nickname, the Hornet’s Nest City, as well as many attractions in this area – including Fury 325.


Feel The Sting

Cornwallis’ remarks naming Charlotte a hornet’s nest of rebellion is the idea behind Fury 325. This record-breaking roller coaster pays tribute to this monumental time in Carolina history.

Fury 325 simulates the flight of an angry hornet chasing its target with high-speed hills, curves and transitions. Guests swarm through the park on this ride as it unleashes the fury of the Carolinas during the American Revolution. Heavy hornets theming also fills the entrance, queue lines and gift shop (The Hive).

Fury 325 is Carowinds’ way of honoring  the Carolinas' past and uniting its rich history with the bright future of this region.

Charlotte History

Charlotte Independence Day

Mecklenburg County was the first region in America to officially declare independence from England on May 20, 1775. The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence is an iconic document for both Charlotte and the Carolinas as a whole.

May 20 is now known as Charlotte Independence Day, commemorating the daring actions of the Hornet’s Nest City. Can you think of a better way to celebrate this holiday than visiting Carowinds? We sure can’t.

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Ashlyn Hunter

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

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