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Level 4 - High Thrill

At a Glance

Location: Carolina RFD
Duration: 3 Minutes
Height Requirement: 52 inches
Manufacturer: Mondial

 In 1903 - Kitty Hawk, North Carolina became symbolic to the Carolinas as the site of the "first flight." Now, more than 100 years later, Carowinds is giving guests the opportunity to experience what the Wright Brother pioneered; the sense of soaring through the air!

Windseeker is the second tallest ride at Carowinds, only behind Fury 325. The three minute ride begins when the ride's carriage, featuring 32 two passenger swings, slowly rotates while climbing to the top of the 301-foot tower. Riders will experience a sense of weightlessness as the swings reach speeds up to 30 mph and the arms extend outward at a 45-degree angle; promising to give riders an astonishing panoramic view of not only the park - but also of the great Charlotte region. 

The fun really lights up when the sun goes down as Windseeker features an elaborate LED lighting system! Aside from the LED spotlights that are located at the top and bottom of the tower, the carriage is equipped with LED lightings which run from the tower down to each of the ride's steel arms. At night, as the ride ascends to the top of the tower, the light display will come to life with a kaleidoscope of colorful patterns and shapes. 

Rider Safety Information

Each seat has an individual over the shoulder lap bar and seat belt that must be fastened at all times. This ride may not accommodate guests of exceptional size.

Riders must have the body and spinal control to sit upright without the aid of other people or devices. Rider's body must have the appropriate weight distribution for this ride.

The guest must have minimum of two functioning extremities. The guest must have a minimum of one full functioning leg (excluding prosthesis) and one leg amputated below the knee.

Riders must be able to enter and exit the ride without jeopardizing themselves or others and to assist with their own evacuation if necessary. Riders must demonstrate appropriate observed behavior indicating a willingness and ability to participate and/or follow rider requirements.

Riders with a cervical collar, neck brace, broken collar bone, braced arm cast, or full leg cast are not allowed to ride. Braced arm cast must fit comfortably inside the ride.

Warning: this ride contains strobe lighting.

Alternate Access Entrance is at ride entrance.

Hand-Held infants and service animals are not allowed to ride.