Nighthawk Flying Roller Coaster at Carowinds

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Park Update: Due to inclement weather, SCarowinds will be closed tonight, Thursday, October 28. Guests who purchased tickets can use them any other operating date through Oct. 31, 2021.


Nighthawk is the closest thing you’ll get to flying without growing wings! Soar through the Carolina skies and over the water as you dive, dip and twist through a daring adventure. 

The Carolina’s first flying coaster begins with a tension-building climb up the 115 foot lift hill while riders are lying on their backs. Once at the top, Nighthawk’s track immediately flips, rotating riders so they are lying below the track, facing the ground. Just like a hawk, the train then dives headfirst towards the water below. The rest of this intense ride features eight thrilling inversions, most while flying face down – zooming toward the ground and turning skyward just in time for the next inversion, reaching speeds of 51 mph.

The unique rider position offers breathtaking and virtually unobstructed views of the park. Nighthawk is located directly across from Intimidator, and near the Carolina SkyTower. For the best camera shots, check out the midway as riders soar overhead.

Height Requirement: between 54” and 81”

115 FT
51 MPH

Rider Safety Information

Min Height
Max Height
  • This is the Carolina’s first flying coaster that rides through eight inversions, most while flying facedown, zooming toward the ground and turning skyward just in time for the next inversion. The unique rider position offers breathtaking and virtually unobstructed views of the park. 
  • Maximum weight is 265 lb. per rider.
  • A shoulder vest that comes over the arm and secures across the chest with a lap bar that comes up between-the-legs across the hips and pelvis.
  • Due to the nature of the restraint, this ride may not accommodate guests of a larger size. A test seat is located at the ride entrance which can be used to ensure proper function and comfort prior to waiting in line.
  • Guests must have a minimum of two functioning extremities; one functioning arm and one functioning leg. Two functioning arms are sufficient instead of one functioning arm and one functioning leg if the guest has a normal center of gravity and the lower extremities are sufficiently strong to maintain proper riding posture under the dynamic conditions of the ride.
  • Amputations must be below the knee.
  • Guests with any type of prosthesis should not ride unless they can ensure the device is properly secured and will remain in place during the ride.
  • Guests with a cervical collar, neck brace, broken collar bone, full arm cast, braced arm cast, or full, foot, or lower leg cast are not permitted to ride.
  • Alternate Access is available at the ride exit where guests using a wheelchair will encounter a wheelchair lift. Guests will operate the elevator on their own. Riders will have to take several steps, on their own or with the assistance of a companion, and be capable of elevating themselves up into the seat.
  • Please do not use the ride restraints for support while entering or exiting, as they will shift. 
  • Warning: This ride utilizes magnetic systems.
  • Visit our Guest Assistance Guide for additional accessibility information.