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Corporate Teambuilding and Team Bonding Activities at Carowinds

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Corporate Group Teambuilding at Carowinds
Corporate Group Teambuilding at Carowinds

Corporate Teambuilding

All-star events for all-star teams!

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Meetings and Teambuilding (Groups of 50 or More)

You may know Carowinds as the region’s best choice for quality family fun, but did you know we’re also an awesome teambuilding venue? Just think of it: everyone in your team screaming at the top of their lungs on Fury 325 can be quite the bonding experience! Plus, we offer so much more.

We're thrilled to offer a wide variety of innovative, customized teambuilding experiences and trust-building activities presented by Teambonders™, a leader in professional teambuilding. Providing corporate-specific, fully facilitated programming, we can help your team of 50 members or more get in sync with each other and aligned with your organization’s goals. Combine these world-class teambuilding activities with a day of pure fun at Carowinds and a specially catered meal (could this get any better?) and your team meeting just reached all-star status.

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Carowinds Corporate Teambuilding AppMazing Hunt

The AppMazing HuntTM

There is nothing more exciting than our app-enhanced, custom, Scavenger Hunt - employing your team’s cooperation, communication, problem solving and strategic thinking abilities. Throw in some fun & exciting challenges, unique corporate info and collaborative team initiatives and you’ll have an event everyone will be raving about!

Carowinds Corporate Groups AppMazing Race

The AppMazing RaceTM

Buckle up for the most incredible, fast-paced, real-life team building adventure that you could ever imagine! Complete with checkpoints, roadblocks and whirlwind, collaborative bonus challenges - your group will be completely consumed by this game right up until the finish line!

Carowinds Corporate Teambuilding Retro Game Shows

Retro Game ShowsTM

Great for all locations and demographics, our custom game shows allow everyone to showcase their knowledge of pop culture, current events and even custom corporate infused trivia to suit your identity. The best part - the entire group plays at once in every game so, no standing around!

Carowinds Group Teambuilding Tower Above the Rest

Tower Above The RestTM

Teams are armed with a wide assortment of low tech Building materials and are kept completely in the dark as to what they will ultimately be building. Working in cohesive construction crews and with timely collaboration with other teams we’ll soon find out just who will Tower Above the Rest and be crowned the champions?

Carowinds Group Teambuilding Case Cracker

Case CrackerTM

Investigation Units will have 60 minutes to breach a locked attaché case and solve the mystery within. Hurdles include cyber technology, black lights, tactile riddles and cerebral challenges that will require the collective brainpower and collaboration of the entire team. Can you crack the case?