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9 New Memories You Made at Carowinds Amusement Park in 2019 

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9 New Memories You Made at Carowinds in 2019 

Patrick Wisniewski

Digital Marketing Manager

2019 was the most AMAZING year at Carowinds yet! From the double launch of Copperhead Strike on opening day to a fantastic fireworks finale on New Year’s Eve, there was so much FUN to be had this year at Carowinds. We wanted to know what kinds of memories you created at the park last season so we went to social media to ask. And boy did ya'll make some wonderful memories! So many of you told us about the spectacular experiences you had throughout the year. Here are some of our favorites.


  • Michael had a special family moment on Copperhead Strike: “Jumped in the car, drove from Cincinnati to Charlotte for Season Pass Holders opening night with my 81-year-old roller coaster riding dad.” 

Family riding Copperhead Strike, Carowinds' double-launch roller coaster

  • Samantha told us about this little rider’s big day: “Our baby (recently turned 1) loved spending days at Carowinds watching his siblings and their friends ride rides and spending time in the water park with them. Our last visit for the year he was FINALLY able to ride the school bus…with his sister and he lit up with our excitement!”

Baby enjoys his first ride at Carowinds' Amusement Park in Charlotte, NC

  • Typically, you struggle to find something to do when waiting for a connecting flight. Daniel definitely made the most out of his stop: “My first visit! Was awesome planning a layover on my way from Richmond, VA back home to Sacramento. Only had 8 hours on the ground. Made it on every coaster, rode Fury and Copperhead Strike multiple times, brought home a Copperhead Strike shirt, and had my best layover ever!”


  • Matthew made a FUN pilgrimage to the state line: “Totally travelled with my son and 20+ friends from Texas to Carowinds this past June for an epic run through. What an amazing park! Can’t wait to come back again soon!”

People come from all over to visit Carowinds Amusement Park!

  • Nancy got to grace The Overlord with her presence at SCarowinds: “SCarowinds was awesome. We got lucky we were in line and didn’t think we would get our picture taken but they ended up ending the line behind us. Love Carowinds! Looking forward to season 2020!”

Scary characters pose for a photo with guests during SCarowinds Halloween Event

  • Jarvis made a trip with his family to the perfect PEANUTS party: “Bringing my niece and cousin to the PEANUTS Celebration and enjoying all the rides and crafts AND food!”

Children enjoying kiddie rides during Carowinds' Peanuts Celebration

  • Jennifer made a magical milestone at WinterFest: "My family helped me check off a bucket list item: ICE SKATING! I am 45 and have never been. Our 15-year-old son accompanied me on the ice while his dad and sister cheered us from the sidelines. And even though I wasn't graceful like my childhood figure skater idols, I had SO much fun! 😁 Best Memory Ever!"

Guests enjoying Ice Skating at  WInterFest, Carowinds' holiday event

  • Anita’s daughters made some festive friends: “My favorite memory has to be of my daughter seeing the Gingerbread Man each and every visit to WinterFest. This was the highlight of her days and each time her eyes would light up like it was the very first time. By the ending of the season her younger sister began to love him as much as she has for the past 2 years. Here is their picture together that my daughter treasures far greater than any other memory of Carowinds. The characters being a part really make WinterFest a moment to cherish with friends and family!”

WinterFest Characters pose with Carowinds guests

  • The winner of our 2019 Memory Contest was Katherine who shared this special first with her daughter: “Took my daughter for her first time and she actually rode her first roller coaster! She is autistic so this was a major thing for her to do! Now she can’t wait to go back this summer!”

Girl with autism enjoys first roller coaster ride at Carowinds!

Congratulations to Katherine, her daughter and her family! We thank all of you for sending in your special stories from 2019. We cannot wait to see what moments you are going to have in 2020. This year is going to be filled with AMAZING new experiences and celebrations. Our vision is simple: that you have the BEST DAY EVER!

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Patrick Wisniewski

Digital Marketing Manager

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