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The intense, fierce spirit of our new giga-coaster has been swelling for hundreds of years – and the swarm has been released! 

"A Hornet's Nest" of Rebellion

The Carolinas has always radiated an undeniable, raw energy. It’s a pulsing, seething strength that forced the British army to retreat from battle here hundreds of years ago, calling the region a “hornet’s nest of rebellion.” This region proudly claims the “Hornet’s Nest” label and has since used the hornet’s zealous, courageous and somewhat rebellious spirit as fuel to build one of the nation’s premier cities.

Feel Fury's Sting

Fury 325 fully embodies the same aggressive power that, like a furious hornet, just won’t let up. With heights reaching 325 feet, a staggering length of 6,602 feet and breathtaking speeds of 95 miles per hour, this 2,700-ton “hornet’s nest of rebellion” carries the same agility, bravery and passionate spirit of its hometown.

New Experiences at Carowinds in 2015

For more than 40 years, Carowinds has been the place where the Carolinas come together. In 2015 we are excited to debut a fresh, new, and captivating experience for Carowinds -- one that celebrates the best that the Carolinas have to offer. Click here to learn more.