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Level 5 - Aggressive Thrill

At a Glance

Location: Carowinds Plaza
Duration: 3 minutes; 33 seconds
Height Requirement: 54 inches
Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard of Monthey, Switzerland

Gentleman! Start Your Engines! Inspired by racing legend Dale Earnhardt, Intimidator is one of the tallest, fastest and longest coasters in the Southeast. Complete with a Winner's Circle, Victory Lane, Wall of Fame tribute to Dale and a replica of the famous No. 3 Monte Carlo, this mega coaster is full of speed and airtime. 

Riders begin with an intimidating 232-foot hill and plunge at a 74-degree angle and experience racing speeds up to 80 mph. Riders then catch some major airtime on the second hill, which is 178-feet - significantly taller than most first drops. Followed by another series of hills, twists and turns, riders will see where the ride earns its name as they race for the checkered flag. 

Intimidator is over 232-feet tall and 5,316-feet long - reaching speeds up to 80 mph. There are seven extreme drops and the ride lasts over 3 minutes. 

Only have one chance to ride Intimidator? Try it at night!

The best place to get a picture of the first drop is in Planet Snoop, near PEANUTS Showplace Theater. 

Rider Safety Information

This ride may not accommodate guests of exceptional size. The lap bar must be lowered and seat belt must be fastened and tightened securely at all times. 

Riders must have the body and spinal control to sit upright without the aid of other people or devices. Rider's body must have the appropriate weight distribution for this ride. 

Guests must have a minimum of three functioning extremities (two legs and an arm or two arms and a leg) to brace themselves (with tripod bracing) during the ride. Two functioning arms are sufficient instead of three functioning extremities if the guest has normal center of gravity and lower extremities are sufficiently strong to maintain proper riding posture under the dynamic conditions of the ride. Amputation must be below the ankle. However, guests with an amputated leg above the knee may ride Intimidator with the use of a separate three-point harness provided the three-point harness can adequately restrain him/her. 

Riders must be able to enter and exit the ride without jeopardizing themselves or others and to assist with their own evacuation if necessary. Riders must demonstrate appropriate observed behavior indicating a willingness and ability to participate and/or follow rider requirements. 

Guests with cervical or neck brace or broken collar bone are not allowed to ride. Casts are not allowed. 

Alternate Access Entrance is at the ride exit. Guests using wheelchairs should enter through special designated entrance to the right of the main ride entrance. Press the elevator intercom button for assistance from a ride operator. 

Warning: This ride utilizes magnetic systems during the ride. This ride contains strobe lighting. 

Hand-held infants and service animals are not allowed to ride. 

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