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Urgent Scare

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Urgent Scare at the SCarowinds Halloween Event

Urgent Scare

Location: Nighthawk Midway

Welcome to Urgent Scare - where we believe FEAR is the best medicine. No matter your ailment or disease, our ethically warped staff is here to provide the scare you need for a healthy tomorrow. 

We believe in a holistic approach to serving our patients. While it may seem like a minor headache, we like to dig deep into your condition and crack back your cranium to get a better understanding of your issue. Whether you have an acute illness or a minor injury, our doctors will work around the clock to diagnose your fear and provide treatment without delay or decay. 

If you’re sick of expensive health care, we’ve found the cure. By reusing medical equipment, reissuing organs and ignoring government regulations, we’re able to cut down costs and pass the savings on to our patients. We’re committed to slashing everything, including our prices! 

Urgent Scare is now accepting new patients and new volunteers for our medical studies. Apply at the location. No appointment necessary. Check out not required.