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Passholder Yoga in the Park

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Yoga in the Park

Passholder Yoga in the Park

Presented by SweatNET
June 9, June 30, July 19 from 9:30 - 10:30 AM

If being a Season Passholder isn’t AMAZING enough, Carowinds is now offering yoga classes for Passholders at Carolina Harbor on June 9, 30 and July 19. And guess what? They’re FREE, but hurry- each class is limited to only 100 participants, so sign up now to secure your spot!

Since one of the extraordinary benefits of being a Season Passholder is early access to Carolina Harbor, we’re taking advantage of that exclusive time to offer a great morning yoga workout and spiritual centering before an action-packed day at Carowinds. Participants will enjoy beginner-level yoga instruction from a talented yogi with SweatNET, Charlotte’s largest fitness and health-focused network. 

Our outdoor yoga sessions will be on the shores of our beautiful Surf Club Harbor wave pool. Close your eyes, listen to the rhythmic waves and let yourself be transported to a secluded beach. You’ll leave your hour-long retreat refreshed and ready for the day. 

You must have a valid 2019 Season Pass to attend and participate in this event!

NOTE: Each event is BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat)

SweatNET specializes in experiential yoga events, so our June 9, 30 and July 19 classes will each offer surprise elements to enhance the experience.

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Michelle Miller: Be Well, Michelle

Born in Canada, Michelle's love for movement and exercise began at a young age in professional dance. She started practicing yoga in 1998 in LA. Michelle's passion is to connect with people. She lives to share her knowledge and experiences to help those on their path of self-discovery and personal growth. She successfully completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training program in May 2015, led by Johnna Smith and Maria Lages. Michelle currently teaches yoga classes at OM Yoga in Fort Mill. She is grateful for her wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children who fill her heart with love.

RYT 200 Hour:
100 Hour Rocket  Yoga Vinyasa certified Teacher