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The Wacky, Tacky Ugly Sweater Party

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The Wacky, Tacky Ugly Sweater Party

December 20, 2019

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Nothing says “Ho-Ho-Ho” like a Ho-Ho-Horribly ugly holiday sweater or vest. Get in the spirit this holiday season, and join us for our 3rd Annual Wacky, Tacky Ugly Sweater Party on Friday, December 20, as we celebrate National Ugly Sweater Day. All guests who arrive rocking their ugly sweaters that night will receive admission for only $19.99 and a FREE Coca-Cola® Sweater Koozie (while supplies last)!

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May Your Sweater Be Ugly and Bright

There’s a fine line between festive and tacky. To help you dance merrily across that line during our sweater party, here is how we define an “ugly” holiday sweater or vest. 

  • Would you be embarrassed to wear it during any other time of the season? ✔
  • Does it feature lights, plastic, bells, or oversized buttons? ✔
  • Is it made from felt, yarn, or some other itchy material? ✔
  • Does it look like the sweater or vest may have time-traveled from another decade or dimension?  ✔
  • Does it alarm all five senses? ✔
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This is a lighthearted event, so as long as your holiday sweater or vest is over-the-top and ugly, you’re good to go. Rule of thumb, if you have to ask, “Is this ugly?” consider adding more decorations or a 3D element.

Wacky and tacky sweaters have long been a feature of the holiday season, so reach deep into your closet and pull out that gaudy garment that’s both festive and hideous and join us for a night of holiday fun at WinterFest! 

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