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Taste of the Carolinas

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Carowinds Taste of the Carolinas

Taste of the Carolinas

Saturdays and Sundays
April 22 - May 14

Get a taste of the best food, entertainment and culture from seven different regions all around the Carolinas, all in one day!

Carowinds is where the Carolinas come together, and on Saturdays and Sundays from April 22 through May 14, we’re bringing together the best from seven distinct cultures from North and South Carolina. Come to enjoy gourmet food and handcrafted beverages, homemade arts and crafts, first-rate entertainment, and memorable experiences from:

  • North Carolina’s Asheville and the mountains, Outer Banks, and Lexington
  • South Carolina’s Upstate, BBQ region, Lowcountry, and Charleston

All of that, all in one day!

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Taste Tokens

Savor the Experience

We invite you to taste the best culinary treasures our region has to offer. Come hungry; you sure won’t be when you leave. A "taste" is Carowinds' equivalent to a sample size. Food tastings are 2 - 4 tokens each. Wine and beer tastings are 4 tokens each.

Does not include admission. Must be 21+ to redeem tokens for craft beer or wine tastes.

Get 3 Tokens For Only $4 plus applicable taxes and fees
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Beer & Wine Sampling

Add Beer or Wine Sampling

For those looking for a more intimate tasting experience, sampling events are available at the Harmony Hall Patio with wine or craft beer experts. Each sampling event includes a taste paring specially selected to complement your beverage. Wine Tastings are on Saturdays, 2pm & 5pm and Beer Tastings are Sundays, 2pm and 5pm during the Taste of the Carolinas event. 

Does not include admission. Must be 21+ to redeem tokens for craft beer or wine tastes.

For Only $16 plus applicable taxes and fees
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Savor the Carolinas' Best Eats and Drinks

Food is a revered institution in the Carolinas and a central part of our culture. We invite you to taste the best culinary treasures our region has to offer.

Asheville/Mountain Region - Taste of the Carolinas

Asheville/Mountain Region

If it’s true that altitude affects attitude, then the highlands of Asheville and the North Carolina mountains are among the happiest places in the Carolinas. Stretching the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Great Smoky Mountains, this easy-going region is a haven for outdoorsy types with countless options for skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, boating, kayaking, rafting, bird watching and much more. Mountain music streams from traditional instruments such as the fiddle, banjo, dulcimer and mandolin.

Taste This
The crisp air, vibrant colors and majestic posture of the mountains inspired this hearty menu of smoked egg and port belly salad, mushroom ravioli with wile herb better and pecan cinnamon bread pudding with cream cheese icing.

Upstate South Carolina Region - Taste of the Carolinas

Upstate South Carolina Region

This 10-county region in the northwest part of the state boasts a treasure trove of history. It’s a significant center of the Cherokee heritage and the sight of numerous battles in the American Revolution and Civil War. It’s also notable that South Carolina is the largest peach producer in the South. 

Taste This
Our Upstate South Carolina menu celebrates Southern soul-food favorites with a sweet potato pop-over, spring onion bread pudding with pickled peaches, and butterbean sliders with pimento cheese and arugula.

Lowcountry Region - Taste of the Carolinas

Lowcountry Region

The Lowcountry is a region in the “lower”, or most southern, part of South Carolina. Home to the Gullah culture, its descendants keep tradition alive with a distinctive language and crafts such as sweetgrass basket weaving. The region is known for its sensory experiences: salty aromas from pluff mud, boisterous hymns from frogs and katydids, and welcome shade from live oak trees in their shawls of Spanish moss. 

Taste This
The Lowcountry embodies the coast, so our menu honors it with peanut and oyster stew, tomato pie and a bourbon chocolate fritter.

South Carolina Barbecue Region - Taste of the Carolinas

South Carolina Barbecue Region

When Germans settled in the middle part of South Carolina in the 1700s, one bit of the old country they brought with them was their love of mustard. We are eternally grateful, because they used it to create a mouth-watering, tangy mustard-based barbecue sauce. 

Taste This
Honoring the Official Picnic Cuisine of South Carolina, we offer you a pulled pork spring roll with Carolina mustard sauce, barbecue roasted corn and poached peaches over gelato.

Outer Banks Region - Taste of the Carolinas

Outer Banks Region

Out and away from North Carolina’s eastern shore is a crescent of narrow barrier islands we call the Outer Banks. Thousands of vacationers visit each year for the immaculate beaches, windswept dunes and free-roaming wild horses. The Wright brothers took the first powered flight here and it was a favorite haunt of the infamous pirate Blackbeard. 

Taste This
As the Outer Banks are surrounded by water, its menu pays homage with frog legs, fried catfish with Calabash hushpuppies, and a seafood potato croquette.

Lexington Barbecue Region - Taste of the Carolinas

Lexington Barbecue Region

“Lexington” is oftentimes synonymous with “BBQ” and with one taste, you’ll know why. Known as the “Barbeque Capital of the World”, North Carolina’s Lexington “Q” features a vinegar-based sauce that is a delicious concoction of ketchup, salt, pepper, sugar and other spices that vary by secret recipes. 

Taste This
We honor the home of BBQ with a triple header of heartiness: our beer-basted pulled pork slider, barbecue chicken slider and barbecue ribs.

Charleston Region - Taste of the Carolinas

Charleston Region

From its start as an English colony in 1670, Charleston, South Carolina, has made headlines throughout history. The port town saw its share of skirmishes in the American Revolution, and it heard the first shots of the Civil War. While some physical elements of war remain within its 1,400 historically significant buildings, any harsh feelings have vanished and Southern hospitality has stepped in -- so much so that some have dubbed it “America’s Most Friendly City.” 

Taste This
South Carolina’s state hospitality beverage is tea, and we bring it to you in our sweet-tea glazed chicken. You’ll also enjoy some Southern comfort food with our crispy shrimp and grits and Lady Baltimore cake.

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