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Dinosaurs Alive!

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Dinosaurs Alive

Dinosaurs Alive!

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Long before coasters, dinosaurs ruled Carowinds...and now they're back! Come face-to-face with animatronic dinosaurs at Dinosaurs Alive! at Carowinds. See more than 50 moving and practically breathing life-sized dinosaurs, including several you can control. Plus, find out what it's like to be a paleontologist at our dig site! From ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex to the towering Ruyangosaurus, step back in time to the beginning of the "Age of the Dinosaurs" at Dinosaurs Alive! - the most immersive and comprehensive Mesozoic experience designed to thrill guests of all ages. 

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Animatronic Dinosaurs at Carowinds' Dinosaurs Alive

Take a Journey Through Time

Dinosaurs Alive! features over 50 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, which are scientifically accurate based on the latest paleontological knowledge. The exhibit presents scenes and stories based on real fossil evidence. Dinosaurs Alive! gives guests of all ages the opportunity to travel back through time to encounter and understand a world long since extinct!

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Interactive Experiences at Carowinds' Dinosaurs Alive

Engage in an Interactive Learning Experience

Dinosaurs Alive! combines finely detailed hand-crafted animatronics, interactive consoles to control dinosaur movement, a lush setting and educational content that reflect the latest scientific theories. The exhibit offers not only the excitement of a tail thrashing, clawing and roaring exhibition, but the opportunity for guests of all ages to actively engage in a unique learning experience!