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Take your students on a Fun School Field Trip during Spring Education Days

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Carowinds Student and Youth Education Days
Carowinds Student and Youth Education Days
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2020 Spring Education Days

March 27, 2020
April 3, 6, 17, 24, & 30, 2020
May 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 22, & 29, 2020

Ninja Education nin-juh ] [ ej-oo-key-shuhn ] (noun): The practice of infusing impactful education into fun activities when students least expect it. Carowinds’ Education Days are turbo-charged field trips with something for everyone – a fantastic way to deliver ninja education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and have a great day at the park.

APPROVED! Carowinds’ Education Days align with North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia Standard Courses of Study as well as National Science Standards.

2020 Education Days Ticket Pricing: $35/person

Our STEM Village will have 6 all new booths with exciting hands on activities for your students! The 6 stations are outlined as follows:

  1. Active roller coaster demonstrating potential and kinetic energy as well as a mini coaster for students to use to determine length and speed. 
  2. Magnetic propulsion system demonstrating strength of neodymium magnets and  how they are used to operate a coaster and other equipment.   
  3. Balancing nails where students will find the center of gravity as twelve nails find precarious stability on the head of just one nail. (There will be several models for  students to work with.)   
  4. Students will learn the relationship between mass and distance and achieve equilibrium by balancing objects on a simple lever called a seesaw. 
  5. Students will use Lego Mindstorm EV3 robot, to demonstrate how SONAR sensors  (Sound and Navigation Ranging) are used to detect distance from an object and  Color sensors are used to detect color.  Two stations will be available – one for  Color and one for SONAR.  They will learn how these two sensors are currently  used in today's technology.  
  6. Water is not just for drinking!  Students will explore the fascination of water  cohesion and adhesion and surface tension by using simple objects such as string  and a water strider. 

Workbooks will be available online by mid-February. Please check back at that time to download.

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Add Even More Fun and Food to the Day!

Carowinds Education Days Picnic Buffet

Picnic Buffet


11AM - 2PM

Enjoy a buffet of Fried Chicken, Hot Dogs, Mac & Cheese, Salad, Corn, Potato Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Soft Drinks.

Carowinds Education Days Picnic Buffet

Buffet & All-Day Drinks


11AM - 2PM

Add a full day of free refills on drinks to a buffet of Fried Chicken, Hot Dogs, Mac & Cheese, Salad, Corn, Potato Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Soft Drinks.

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Teacher's Lounge

We appreciate you and want to thank you for bringing your class to visit us for Education Days! Our teacher’s lounge will be available from 11-2 on Education Days and will be located in the Rose Room as you enter The Grove Picnic Pavilion. The Grove is located just to the left past the stroller rental near the front gate. The lounge will provide an air conditioned area to relax and cool off and will also include snacks for you. Just show your school ID at the entrance to The Grove to be admitted!

Ticket Policy

Unless otherwise noted, all ticket orders (admission and meal) must be pre-paid ten (10) days prior to your visit to allow sufficient time to process your order. Season Pass holders do not count toward your group size.  

Admission tickets, meal tickets, and bottomless soda wristbands are non-refundable.  No rain checks are offered.  

Payment Policy

Payment must be made via school check, money order (payable to "Carowinds”) or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover accepted). Unfortunately, personal checks or purchase orders are not accepted.

All school checks will be processed through Telecheck for approval. If declined, another method of payment will be requested.

Chaperone Tickets

Chaperones: one (1) chaperone admission ticket will be given for every fifteen (15) admission tickets purchased, unless otherwise noted. Complimentary chaperone tickets do not include picnic meal or bottomless soda wristbands.


Bus Parking and Driver Admission

Bus parking is free.  Bus drivers will receive a complimentary admission ticket when presenting their Commercial Driver's License (CDL) at the Group Sales building, located at the North Gate Admission Services window (does not include picnic meal or bottomless soda wristbands).