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SCarowinds Halloween Event Monsters

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10 Terrifying Memories from SCarowinds Monsters 

Patrick Wisniewski

Digital Marketing Manager

To pay tribute to our SCarowinds monsters, we asked some of them to share their favorite memories and photos as well as a little bit about what SCarowinds means to them.

SCarowinds is a very special event. For two decades it has brought terrific terror to guests, and they love our monsters. These manufacturers of our many fears are the subject of many guests' stories over the year. They are the heart of our Halloween haunt. 


"My favorite memory is still my first day in 2011. I felt immediately accepted by my fellow monster family. The friendships I have forged are truly unforgettable."  - Julie 

"Too many great memories with so many monsters! But I always laughed when Overlord and Underlord went out on the prowl!" - Dave 

"Sliding is literally a dream come true for me but if I hadn’t been placed in Silver Scream my first year and met some of the most awesome people ever, I probably would not have stayed to see that dream through. Thank you for helping me be the monster I am today!" - Emma 

"I have been a clown in Carnevil for the past two years. My favorite memory is walking out to opening the first night of the season and just breathing in the fall air and feeling like I was on top of the world. " - Beck 

"Gosh so many to pick! I got to be a part of Dead Man’s Landing the first year it ran and it was the most fun at a job I’ve ever had!" - Rosalyn 

"One of my most favorite memories is from my first season in 2013 when I was in the Playground. My friend Tyler and I got an AMAZING tag team scare going...Not to mention meeting strangers who turn into friends who turn into family." - Charity 

"It's cheesy and gross but I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for SCarowinds. I found the love of my life working here, I grew as a person, and I don't know where I would be if I hadn't auditioned when I was 16. SCarowinds will always hold a place in my heart." - Mari

"Having the incredible honor of being Lilith and “possessing” the Overlord for three years...the insanely creative supportive and forever family, cast members and staff who helped me grow, learn, play, and entertain for nine seasons. To the guests that enjoyed my characters, or disliked them thank you for your screams, reactions and feedback. You bring the fear that keeps us all coming back for more." - Jennifer 


"I went in to fill out paperwork for what I thought was build team and it was actually for SCarowinds auditions! I went with it and was cast immediately. My other favorite memory was a group of 30 people from my work asking every scare actor if they were me until they found me at the end of the night. " - Victor 

"For me, this picture is one of my favorite SCarowinds memories because of how incredible and gruesome the makeup artists made me look. Without their work, I wouldn't be half to the ghoul I am when I get into character." - Bryan 

What is your favorite SCarowinds memory? Share it with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with #SCarowinds. 

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Patrick Wisniewski

Digital Marketing Manager

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