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A Collection of Carowinds at-Home Activities for Kids and Families

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A Collection of Carowinds at-Home Activities

Lisa Stryker

Director of Communications

Looking for Carowinds at-home activities? Here's an easy-to-use list of all the ways you can have Carowinds fun without leaving the house. Tag pictures and videos you share online with #Carowinds for a chance for us to share them too. We'll keep this list updated as new activities are posted, so bookmark it and check back for more fun ideas.

General Activities and Homeschooling Resources

Carowinds Virtual Tour - Since you can't come to the park just yet, we're bringing the park to you. Take a virtual stroll through Carowinds right from your couch.

Ride at Home - Experience your favorite Carowinds rides and thrills at home!

4 Ways to Have Carowinds Fun - Looking for some quick ideas for things to keep the kids busy? Start here.

Carowinds Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom, TikTok and More - No matter where in the virtual world you are, you can have a happy reminder of all the fun that awaits you at the park with Carowinds backgrounds.

Carowinds Coloring Pages - Choose from five printable coloring pages featuring our world-class rides.

Coast to Coaster Virtual Road Trip - Take the ultimate virtual road trip, a wild ride along around 54,000 feet of wood, steel and fiberglass. Go coast to coast on an about 10-mile wild ride on favorite coasters – wet and dry - from each Cedar Fair park across North America.

Color By Numbers Pages - These downloadable activity pages let you color images inspired by the attractions and spirit of Carowinds. Each sheet is filled with sections that have a number and corresponding color. 

Color the Peanuts Gang by the Numbers - Download these color by the numbers pages featuring the PEANUTS gang. Each hue is matched with a number that tells you what to do to. Complete each section to reveal a fun image of many of your favorite friends in all kinds of adventures. 

Sketch School at Home - Learn to draw your favorite PEANUTS pals including Charlie Brown, FranklinLinus, LucyMarcie, Peppermint Patty, Pig-PenSally Brown , Schroeder and Snoopy.

Teach and Learn with the PEANUTS Gang - Need some fresh ways to teach at home? Enlist the help of Charlie Brown and the PEANUTS gang with these printable lesson plans and worksheets. 

Which Carowinds Coaster are You? - Each of our roller coasters have their own personality. Now find out which one pairs perfectly with you in this FUN quiz. 

Carowinds' Free Bingo Game Card

Puzzles and Games

Carowinds Word Search Challenge - This downloadable activity will put you to the test as you search for ride names, food locations and more.

Carowinds Bingo - We'd love to see which Carowinds experiences you've had over the years, so we created Bingo cards for you to complete and share. Choose from rides, food and nostalgia cards. 

Carowinds Stateline Showdown Trivia Game - In this printable trivia card game, two teams will face off to see whose park knowledge is supreme! Learn all about Carowinds' history, rides, entertainment and more. 

Match the Carowinds Coaster Game - Race against the clock to pair your favorite Carowinds roller coasters. We have included 10 roller coasters that have two cards each. The goal of the game is to match each of these pairs in the quickest time possible. Play by yourself or with your family.

Digital Jigsaw Puzzles - Combine all the pieces of roller coasters, family rides, your favorite PEANUTS pals, seasonal events and more. You can even choose how challenging you want your jigsaw puzzle to be by selecting the number of pieces for your puzzle - from 6 to 1,000. 

Carowinds Amusement Park Funnel Cake Recipe

A Taste of Carowinds Recipes

Elote Corn (Mexican Street Corn)

Funnel Cakes and Strawberry Topping

Bread Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce


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Lisa Stryker

Director of Communications

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