Gluten-Friendly Foods & Eating at Carowinds

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Gluten-Friendly Eating at Carowinds

Sierra Burrell |
July 3, 2019

We understand that many park guests avoid eating foods with gluten (whether it's because of a sensitivity, a medical condition, or personal preference). With that in mind, we thought you'd appreciate a handy list of all of the places in Carowinds guests can enjoy gluten-friendly* foods. 

It’s a common misconception that amusement parks don’t have gluten-friendly options. Or, people are often too afraid to ask about what is offered. Carowinds has many restaurants that offer gluten-friendly foods. Here’s a full list:

Beach Bites (near Myrtle Turtle Beach and Kiddy Hawk Cove in Carolina Habor):

  • Gluten-free individual pizza

Blue Ridge Country Kitchen (near Mountain Gliders in Blue Ridge Junction):

  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • Rotisserie Beef
  • Salad
  • Smoked Sausages
  • Fries

Camp Cookout (near Snoopy vs. Red Baron in Camp Snoopy):

  • Hot Dog (without the bun)
  • Fries

Carowinds Café (near Plaza Stage in Celebration Plaza):

  • Build-your-own Baked Potato

Chickie's and Pete's (near Carolina Goldrusher in Carolina Boardwalk):

  • Nachos (chips and cheese)
  • Philly Cheesesteak (without the bread)

Dippin’ Dots (locations near The Grand Carousel in Carousel Park; Scream Weaver in Thrill Zone; Seaside Splashworks in Carolina Harbor):

  • Every flavor except Cookies & Cream, Cookie Dough, and Birthday Cake (or any type without “other” items)

Fair Fries (near The Flying Cobras and Rock 'N' Roller in County Fair):

  • Hot Dog (without the bun)
  • Fries
  • Mexican Street Corn

Fry Shack (near Southern Star and Dodg'ems in Crossroads):

  • Loaded Fries
  • Potato Tornado

Harbor House (between Surf Club Harbor and Tidal Wave Bay in Carolina Harbor):

  • Pulled Pork BBQ
  • Salad
  • Fries

Harmony Hall (near Intimidator in Celebration Plaza):

  • Pulled Pork BBQ
  • Beef Brisket
  • Hamburger (with a lettuce wrap or no bun)
  • Grilled Turkey Leg
  • Dried Apple Chips
  • Salad Station
  • Fries

Jukebox Diner (near Hurler and Fury 325 in Thrill Zone):

  • Salad
  • Fries

Sweet Frog (near Carolina Goldrusher in Carolina Boardwalk):

  • Everything except Waffle Cones

Starbucks (near the North Gate in Celebration Plaza):

  • Protein Packs

If guests have questions regarding the food or food allergies, they can email before coming to the park. Guests who are in the park and have questions can go to any restaurant and ask an associate to radio 601 to contact the on-duty culinary staff.

Every restaurant’s menu has a symbol that designates which foods are gluten-friendly, and all the menus are up-to-date for the 2019 season.

There is another option. Guests with severe gluten allergies (or any other severe food allergy) can request permission to bring a cooler into the park.

If you cannot find anything in the park that you can eat, we do have a letter that we can send to you before you come in the park that lets you pull your own cooler in. But, you have to have that permission letter signed by me saying that we spoke and you have an allergy that requires you to bring your own food in. Security will check for the letter at the front gate, which should be numbered, dated, and signed by the chef and checked against the guest’s ID.

For more information, visit Carowinds’ Special Dietary Needs page.

*We cannot guarantee that gluten-friendly options are truly gluten-free, as many of the items are made in the same kitchen as foods that contain gluten.