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They Came, They Saw, They Ate

Sierra Burrell

Digital and PR Coordinator

We’re sure you’re all aware of Carowinds’ newest restaurant: Blue Ridge Country Kitchen. It has quickly become a guest favorite, hosting thousands of folks for down-home Carolina cookin’ in its cool, indoor seating and shady, outdoor seating. But, does it stand up to the test of local foodies? We decided to find out.

Blue Ridge Country Kitchen at Carowinds

An outside view of Blue Ridge Country Kitchen

Carowinds was fortunate enough to host a Yelp Elite Squad from the Charlotte area to test several of the menu items available at Blue Ridge Country Kitchen and other Carowinds dining locations.

Group Dining at Carowinds' Blue Ridge Country Kitchen

The Yelp Elites pile their plates and pause for photos

Some of the sampled foods included the Smokehouse Burger, Rotisserie Pizza, Mexican Corn, Sweet Tea Pulled Pork, Smoked Wings, Brisket, Shrimp Po' Boys, chicken tenders, fudge, cookies, Granny's Blue Ice Cream, and more, in addition to Carowinds’ own Copperhead Strike Sauce.

Here's what some of the Elites had to say about the food:

  • "The wings and chicken tenders were my favorite and the cookies were to die for! The Copperhead Strike hot sauce was also delicious and I loved that it was specifically created by the head chef." - Jenny B.
  • "The brisket gave many local favorite BBQ joints a serious run for their money, and the fresh-made chicken tenders were dy-no-mite." - Jon B.
  • "My favorite was the shrimp po'boy with the flatbread pizza a very close second. I am seriously so excited to know there is good, quality food available to help fuel a long day at the park." - Kati R.
  • "The cookies and fudge were AMAZING. I don't even have a sweet tooth and I had to grab a cookie for the road." - Michelle S.
  • "Blue ice cream, a favorite from the old days of Carowinds, has been resurrected and is quite delicious." - Joshua K
  • "I tried a little bit of everything and was very surprised at how homestyle the food is." - Melissa D.

Read all the reviews

Credit: Poprock Photography

The guests expected a traditional amusement park meal and were surprised by the variety of options available. 

"The food is not typical amusement park fast food--it's definitely elevated," said Raquel S.

"When I think of theme/amusement parks and food, I think of pizza, corn dogs and fries. Being exposed to a variety of food options at Carowinds... let me know I can deviate from the norm next time I go!" added Zyishia B.

Carowinds' Chef Siuta at Blue Ridge Country Kitchen

A Yelp Elite member talks with Executive Chef Siuta after the meal

Several guests mentioned that once they were inside the restaurant, they got lost in the experience. "I completely forgot where we were, and instead assumed we were at a great BBQ joint in Uptown," said Emily R. "I have been shouting from the rooftops to anyone who will listen that this new menu is worth the trip alone."

"I would recommend all visitors to stop here on their visit to the park," added Allyson D.

The Yelp Elite Squad's visit to Blue Ridge Country Kitchen was a huge success, and we’re glad they enjoyed the food just as much as we do!

Credit: Poprock Photography


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Sierra Burrell

Digital and PR Coordinator

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