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Every fall, SCarowinds terror intensifies and grows. Check out these six tips for the best - and most blood-curdling - experience.

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Top Six Things to Know for SCarowinds 2018

Andy Nielsen

Digital Content Coordinator - @andrewpnielsen on Instagram

1) Two New Scare Zones for 2018

SCarowinds debuts two brand-new Scare Zones this year, ensuring that no matter where you roam throughout the park, the nightmare never ends!

Deadman's Landing

DeadMan's Landing takes you through a bustling town full of seafarers, merchants, and scrappy ruffians that rival the ports once visited by Blackbeard himself. It may look innocent on the surface, but inexplicable terror lies beneath, where lost treasure and the song of the siren have put even the strongest, sturdiest pirates in a watery grave.

The Hollow

The Hollow puts you among the fruits and vegetables of a once-vibrant garden of colonial days which have shriveled and given way to a wretched, forsaken boneyard. Plump, orange orbs (Were they once pumpkins? It’s hard to tell.) have morphed into evil creatures who carve their victims into unimaginable, unidentifiable shapes and forms. Will you be next?

Note: Skeleton Key rooms will not be returning this year, but Jack’s Revenge in CarnEvil will be returning as a walk-through attraction open to all.


2) New Life Death Breathed Into Silver Scream Studios: Condemned

A classic SCarowinds favorite has returned with a terrifying twist at Silver Scream Studios: Condemned.

You and some friends decide to check out a creepy old building you found on the internet. The rumors say that failed horror movie director Von Hellsburg tried to make a memorable film by actually killing the actors! It’s been twenty years since this once infamous studio was filled with screams of victims. Now abandoned and crumbling, the halls still echo with screams of torment.

Sound scary enough? There’s more. The lights of Silver Scream Studios have long since burned out. Your only hope of finding your way out? A flashlight that we will provide for you. Let’s hope that’s enough for you to find your way out of this dusty disaster.


3) The Biggest Halloween Party in the Carolinas

So you’re no scaredy-cat, and you yawn instead of scream your way through our mazes and scare zones. Or maybe you’re the type that clutches your “No-Boo” necklace (see below) tight. We get it. But even if our haunted attractions aren’t for you, we've got plenty of haunting entertainment for when you're not on coaster night rides. We’re hosting the biggest Halloween party in the Carolinas in 2018 with an incredible show line up - and you’re invited!

The death-defying stunts of the Skeleton Crew, the booming beats of Blood Drums and the resurrection of 80's rock in RocktoberFest will make you want to grab a drink and move your feet for a scary good time. 


4) No Boo Necklaces

Enjoy the frights and sounds of SCarowinds while keeping our monsters at arms length. With a No Boo necklace, available for $10 each, our monsters will scare the YELL out of your friends while sparing you the startles.  

Note: Our SCarowinds monsters will NEVER touch you, whether you have a No Boo necklace or not. We also ask that you show our monsters the same respect and please do not touch them. 


5) Ticketing

We offer a multitude of ticket options for SCarowinds so that you can experience the fear just how you like it.

A standard one-night ticket is $31 online.

Feeling brave enough to come more than once? A SCarowinds season pass is $62 online.

Does the thought of waiting scare you more than vampires? Skip the lines for every maze with our Fright Lane pass, which is included in a bundle with a ticket for $58 online.

Feeling hungry like a wolf? The SCarowinds All Inclusive Ticket is for you. Includes admission to SCarowinds, free parking, Fright Lane, and a Single Meal Deal, online as low as $69.99.

Note: A Fright Lane pass allows you to skip the line for every maze one time each. If you would also like to skip the lines on our roller coasters and other attractions open during SCarowinds, Fast Lane passes are available online.

6) Beat the Crowds

As the largest Halloween event in the Carolinas, SCarowinds can get pretty busy. Attendance tends to build with each weekend as Halloween draws nearer. So if you want to beat the crowds, we recommend coming earlier in the season. Check out our operating hours here.

SCarowinds opens on Friday, September 14 at 7:00 PM. We're dying to see y'all there!

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Andy Nielsen

Digital Content Coordinator - @andrewpnielsen on Instagram

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