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Most Popular Rides and Attractions: 2017

Chris Foshee

Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager - @chrisfoshee on Twitter

It’s been a short offseason, and the park is buzzing as we prepare to kickoff the 2018 season with our Opening Weekend Peanuts Celebration on March 24-25. Before we jump right into another year of thrills and family fun at the place where the Carolinas come together, let’s take a look back at last season’s most popular rides and attractions.

Here’s a list of Carowinds attractions that gave the most rides in 2017. How do we keep count of all the rides? We’re quick counters.

Fury 325 - 1,500,802 rides given in 2017

It should come to no surprise that the world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster lands at the top of our list of most ridden attractions. Not only is it the reigning winner of Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Award for World’s Best Steel Coaster, this machine is as efficient as they come. Due to the ride’s design, the designated lockers and our speedy ride operators, this ride can chew through a line - decreasing the time you spend waiting and increasing the time you spend feeling the sting. To date, Fury 325 has given more than 5 million total rides since it debuted in 2015.

2. Intimidator - 1,341,164 rides given in 2017

Something tells me Dale Earnhardt was more of a “If you’re not first, you’re last" kinda guy but Intimidator comes in as the second most ridden attraction at Carowinds - which is still incredibly impressive. This big, red, airtime machine is packed with thrills and a major draw to the park. Together with Fury 325, Intimidator makes Carowinds home to two of the tallest roller coasters in North America. Excuse us while we report to the winner’s circle.

3. Afterburn - 869,254 rides given in 2017

It may not be the top gun on our list, but Afterburn continues to be a fan favorite among coaster enthusiasts. With six extreme inversions and non-stop action, this inverted coaster is flipping awesome, and many consider it one of the most underrated attractions in the game. Afterburn is also the third tallest roller coaster in the park. So to recap, our top three most ridden attractions are roller coasters and are coincidentally ranked by size.

4. Hurler - 653,353 rides given in 2017

Carowinds’ tallest wooden roller coaster gave the fourth most rides last season. The Hurler is a great family coaster with a height requirement of four feet, making it a great stepping stone for budding thrill seekers. Combined with its inviting location in the park and the continuous improvements on its track, Hurler fans can rejoice!

5. Carolina Cyclone - 589,892 rides given in 2017

When it debuted in 1980, this classic roller coaster by Arrow Dynamics held the record for the world’s most inversions. With a recently refreshed, multi-color paint job and a new harness restraint system, it squeaked into our list at number five. While it isn’t as intense as some of our other top performers, it still delivers with a whirlwind of adrenaline.

Honorable Mention - Rock N Roller - 484,742 rides given in 2017

As one of the four rides that debuted in the new County Fair last season, Rock N’ Roller deserves some love. It was our most popular non-roller coaster attraction and was a great addition for guests and their families.

Okay, who else is ready to ride? Get first dibs on all your favorite attractions this year during our exclusive Season Passholder Preview Night on March 23 - the night before we open to the general public. All you need is a Season Pass!

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Chris Foshee

Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager - @chrisfoshee on Twitter

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