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Serving our country, serving our guests

Ashlyn Hunter

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

Carowinds is the place where all sorts of families come together for fun and memory-making. From June 30 – July 8 we’re proud to recognize military members and their families during Military Days. As we thank these brave service men and women, we’re also taking a moment to recognize a few of our full-time staff members who served in the military.

Ron Luhrs

Serving in the Marine Corps for 22 years, Ron Luhrs had quite the military career, assuming various titles during his service. In 2000, he retired holding the honor of Chief Warrant Officer. Now, Ron is the IT manager here at Carowinds, where he’s worked for more than ten years since leaving the military.

Ron treasures his time in the Marine Corps and how it helped him understand the value of teamwork, a very important component of his job now.

He said “If it wasn’t for teamwork, you wouldn’t get anything done in the military. It’s the same way here at the park.”

Dwight Muffett

Dwight Muffett comes from a military family of 11, and jokingly refers to he and his siblings as “army brats.” In 1977, Dwight began his time in the Air Force, serving as a munitions specialist. After three years of service, he found his way to Carowinds. Dwight holds the title of Sales Operations Supervisor, but does a little bit of everything around the park.

Dwight views both the military and Carowinds as a big family where every single member has an important role to play.

He said, “Everybody depends on everyone else in front of them to do their job correctly. Whether it’s the person who makes a part all the way up to the pilot in the air force, or park services to our general manager here at Carowinds, it takes a complete team.”

Steve Jackson

Also coming from a military family, Steve Jackson served nine years in the Air National Guard while simultaneously working at Carowinds. He’s had many job titles, including satellite communications tech and tech control in the military, as well as games tech, control engineer and assistant manager of utilities at Carowinds, just to name a few. Now, retired from the military, Steve is Carowinds’ director of maintenance and construction.

Because his experiences were simultaneous, Steve transferred valuable skills between Carowinds and the National Guard.

He said, “the relationship and project management experiences at Carowinds prepared me for my time in the military. But, I was able to bring certain methodologies, organization and record keeping skills from the military back to the park with me.”

Steve is happy to see Carowinds, and Cedar Fair as a whole, dedicating a special time to members of the military and their families.

He said, "it's important we promote respect of the military. If you haven't done it, it's hard to understand what the families have to sacrifice."

Military Days

We're happy to honor brave military service men and women during Military Days June 30 - July 8. All active, inactive and retired members of the United States military receive FREE admission with a valid military I.D. during this time. Military members and their families also receive discounted tickets all season long. 

Visit to learn more!

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Ashlyn Hunter

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

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