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You're Sure to Fall for These Delicious Autumn Dishes

Ashlyn Hunter

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

Though it may not feel like it, autumn is rolling into the Carolinas, and another season of SCarowinds and Great Pumpkin Fest has returned. This year, our executive chef has cooked up some new seasonal dishes that you'll definitely want to taste for yourself. But for now, we'll "leaf" you with these delicious photos. Try not to drool on the screen. 

Cinnamon Apple Funnel Cake

Few things can top the warm, sugary deliciousness of our funnel cakes. But we’ve added even more flavor to this favorite treat as a complement to the cool fall weather coming our way. This funnel cake is layered with cinnamon sugar and crisp cinnamon apples, and finished with whipped cream.

Find the Apple Cinnamon Funnel Cake at any funnel cake stand.

Monster Mash Muffuletta Sandwich

This classic Italian sandwich is piled high with goodness. Thinly shaved turkey, salami, ham and pepperoni are layered with slices of provolone cheese. Then, a blend of peppers marinated in an Italian vinaigrette are spread across the sandwich, all on a fresh Italian sub roll. 

Find the Monster Mash Muffuletta Sandwich at Papa Luigi's

Candy Corn Nutella Quesadilla

This definitely isn’t what comes to mind when you think ‘quesadilla,’ but it's sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Candy corn, Nutella and butterscotch chips are layered between two tortillas before they’re cooked to gooey perfection. Then this unconventional concoction is drizzled with chocolate and raspberry syrup.

Find the Candy Corn Nutella Quesadilla at Harmony Hall.

BBQ Worm Burger

This creepy dish is not for the faint of heart. BBQ’d hot dogs, fresh from the grill, are piled high on a warm bun, giving this burger a look like no other.

Find the BBQ Worm Burger at Camp Cookout.

Haunt Finger Sandwich

This SCarowinds favorite is back on the menu! Bring your appetite because this monster of a sandwich is piled high with our hand-breaded chicken fingers, gooey mozzarella sticks and flavorful marinara sauce.

Find the Haunt Finger Sandwich at Harmony Hall.

Walk the Plank Grilled Meatloaf

This mouth-watering meatloaf is served over a bed of poutine. Traditionally a Canadian dish, poutine consists of fresh French fries topped with warm gravy and delicious cheese curds. 

Find the Walk the Plank Grilled Meatloaf at Wings.

Stop by the park and taste these amazing fall creations during SCarowinds and Great Pumpkin Fest before our fall season ends on Oct. 28!


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Ashlyn Hunter

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

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