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Top Six Reasons Being a Lifeguard is the Best Summer Job

Ashlyn Hunter

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

Still looking for that perfect summer job? Well, look no further! Carowinds is currently looking for new associates to join our aquatics team at Carolina Harbor. Lifeguards play an important part in creating Best Day Ever experiences for our waterpark guests by ensuring the safety of our guests and associates. Not to mention, it’s a pretty good gig with a lot of perks and a lot of fun.

Making Friends and Creating Memories

As soon as you begin lifeguarding at Carolina Harbor, you’ll meet a number of new faces. These coworkers will soon become some your new best friends. There’s no better way to bond with coworkers than by keeping the waters of Carolina Harbor safe.

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Free Training and Certification

In order to ensure the safety of swimmers at any lifeguarding job, thorough training and certification is required. Carowinds is happy to provide all of our lifeguarding associates with these credentials at no cost, giving you valuable life-savings skills to be used for the rest of your life. Best of all, you even get paid to go through training.

Working Outside

Don’t spend your summer inside. As a Carolina Harbor lifeguard, you get to experience the great outdoors every day. Soak up some sun and enjoy the beautiful weather that accompanies a true Carolina summer.

Getting to Ride Waterslides and Get Paid For It

Each morning, lifeguards have to “test” 😉 our water slides. There’s also no better way to get up close and personal with the coolest slides around when you’re relieved from your shift at the top of a slide and need to take the fastest route down. Who else can say their summer job pays them to ride water slides?

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Associate Trips and Events

As a lifeguard at Carolina Harbor, you’ll definitely have a fun-filled summer to remember. Lifeguards can take advantage of fun associate events such as our field day and Big Bash! Also, Carowinds provides trips to other parks, such as Kings Dominion, for associates. How can you say no to all those summer memories?

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Free Park Admission & Tickets for Friends and Family

As a Carowinds associate, you’ll have free admission to the park as well as all other Cedar Fair parks. Enjoy free Carowinds tickets for friends and family too!

Flexible Hours

If you want a summer job but still want to have a summer, you’re in luck….

We know you probably have a busy summer filled with your favorite activities. Don’t let that stop you from finding the perfect summer job. Carolina Harbor lifeguards enjoy flexible hours, so you can still find some time for yourself.

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Competitive Pay

In exchange for all of your hard work, lifeguards receive a premium pay rate at Carowinds, and who doesn’t like money?


Are you a student looking to make extra cash this summer? In addition to your pay, as a lifeguard at Carolina Harbor, you have the ability to receive scholarships up to $1,000!

Getting to Keep People Safe

Safety is something we take a lot of pride in at Carowinds and Carolina Harbor. In fact, our aquatics teams have won several awards for their continued commitment to safety and exceed national standards. Being able to keep families safe during their visit is something very cool.

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Now that you know all the great benefits of being a Carolina Harbor lifeguard, there’s no excuse to let the summer job of a lifetime slip away. Apply now!


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Ashlyn Hunter

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

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