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Off-Season Theme Park Maintenance at Carowinds

Chris Foshee

Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager - @chrisfoshee on Twitter

The park may be closed, but the best never rest. Offseason theme park maintenance is underway at Carowinds. 

There is no such thing as an “off-season” in the theme park industry. As soon as we close our gates for winter break, the hard work and preparation for next season begin. It is the busiest time of the year for the Carowinds maintenance and ride technician teams, and their work begins immediately following the last day of the season.

We begin our offseason work by removing the cars and trains from our rides. Once removed, the cars and trains are transported to our maintenance shop. This process is usually complete within two-three weeks after closing.

After being delivered to the shop, our highly trained team of ride technicians starts their work by disassembling, inspecting, testing and rebuilding each ride. This process is carefully conducted annually to prolong the life of our attractions, assure normal operation and above all else – ensure the safety of our rides.

The parts from each ride are tested according elevated industry standards and to the specifications of the rides’ manufacturers. Some testing includes X-rays, ultrasonic and accelerometer testing and magnetic particle testing – just to name a few. The entire process of offseason maintenance can take over four months to complete for some rides.

The cars and trains will remain in our maintenance shop for storage throughout the offseason to safeguard them from the elements of winter. Once spring starts getting closer, the trains and cars return to their attraction for testing for the new season.

Offseason Maintenance Fun Fact

Since Carowinds is located on the North and South Carolina state line, a ride’s state inspection is conducted by the state where the ride’s station is located. For example, Fury 325 travels through both Carolinas, but North Carolina completes the ride’s inspection and testing because Fury 325’s station is located in…you guessed it, North Carolina. 

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Chris Foshee

Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager - @chrisfoshee on Twitter

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