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Carowinds Landscaping

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There’s no doubt about it, Carowinds is one of the most beautiful amusement parks around. Just ask our guests! The beauty of the Carolinas is exemplified throughout the park whether it's views of the Queen City or many acres of beautifully landscaped Carolina terrain. Of course, all of this beauty does not happen overnight. Here at Carowinds, we have an entire team dedicated to keeping our park in its best condition all season long.

carolina landscape

A Team Effort

A team of 24 associates provide care and upkeep for the park’s 398-acres of grounds. Anyone familiar with the growing conditions of the Carolinas knows this is no small feat. From weed removal and cutting grass to planting and integration, we get our hands dirty every day to maintain Carowinds’ vibrant landscaping.

carolina landscape

Stop and Smell the Roses

Did you know there are 110 flower beds in Carowinds?  When visiting the park, one might not notice just how many flowers can be found sprinkled throughout the landscape. For this reason, dedicated associates are solely responsible for the care of our flowers. Before the operating season begins, they can be found hard at work tilling and preparing each of the flower beds for planting. When springtime arrives and planting season begins, about 80,000 seeds, bulbs, cuttings and other various plants are placed around Carowinds. About 75% of our spring annuals are started from seed. The rest of them are rooted cuttings, bulbs or other existing tropicals grown in our greenhouses. When the weather starts to cool down in the fall, all of these spring annuals are removed. Approximately half of the flower beds are again tilled and prepared before receiving pansies and bulbs.

carolina landscape

The Carowinds Greenhouse

Most guests would not expect it, but Carowinds has its very own greenhouses where much of the preparation and care is conducted. These facilities ensure that we’re always stocking our park with beautiful plants and flowers, regardless of the season. Hanging baskets, budding bushes and green sprouts fill these walls with a delightful aroma that’s unrivaled.

carolina landscape

Our landscaping team has really done a great job this season with the addition of several gardens and foliage scenes throughout the park. While it’s no easy task, we believe these beautiful park elements go a long way in helping our guests enjoy their stay at Carowinds. So next time you visit, stop and smell the roses.

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