Surfers Swell


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Surfer's Swell

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Level 4 - High Thrill

At a Glance

Location: Carolina Harbor
Height Requirement: 48 inches

Surfer’s Swell travels a total of 263 feet as riders will plunge onto an angled wall that mimics the sensation of catching an ocean wave. Guests then gracefully enter a final tunnel for a fun ‘splash landing’ into a pool at the bottom of this 45 foot tall experience.

Rider Safety Information 

Riders must be 48 inches tall to ride. In order to ride, riders have a minimum of one functioning arm, one functioning leg, and three functioning extremities. Riders who have a full arm cast, braced arm cast, foot or lower leg cast, full leg cast, cervical collar or neck brace, or broken collar bone will not be permitted to ride. Hand held infants are not permitted.