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Get your fill of fair food, including friend Oreos at Sugar Plum's Fairy Fries!

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Sugar Plum's Fairy at Carowinds' Holiday Event

Sugar Plum's Fairy Fries

Location: County Fair/Fair Fries 

Traditional County Fair foods and a unique selection of fries - perfect for a quick snack or group meal. Menu items include:

  • Jumbo corn dog w/ fries
  • Fresh-cut fries basket
  • Chili cheese nacho fries
  • Garlic parmesan fries
  • Fried corn cobbettes
  • Fried Twinkies
  • Coca-Cola beverages

WinterFest dining locations will feature a special holiday menu that has been thoughtfully crafted by our executive chef. With festive dining locations throughout the park, you’ll find a variety of familiar flavors and succulent staples - including smoked turkey, carved ham, traditional fixings, homemade hot chocolate, and delicious holiday desserts.

Using the freshest ingredients and authentic, Carolina-inspired recipes, the Carowinds culinary team is proud to serve you and your family with a taste of home this holiday season.