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At North Pole Airmail in WinterFest, you can write and send your letter to Santa!

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North Pole Post Office at Carowinds' Holiday Event

North Pole Post Office

(After Christmas, kids will have the opprtunity to write down their New Year's Resolutions.)

Location: Pier 73

The best Christmas activities are the ones done with others, and even letter writing is special at WinterFest. The elves have dressed up a special store to ensure all good girls and boys have the proper means to reach Santa Claus. Pens, crayons, and paper are at the ready to make that special holiday request.

Once children have written their request, the elves will collect them, send the letters flying overhead via their wacky pulley system, and officially certify the mail, guaranteeing delivery to the North Pole. After the jolly man in the red suit has properly read the wish from every boy and girl (and they are all good in his eyes), he returns them to the North Pole post station to be displayed on the wall for parents and kids to see during their next visit to WinterFest.

Please Note: Santa will not be accepting wishes of coal for little brothers and sisters.