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Fleet Street

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Fleet Street at the SCarowinds Halloween Event

Fleet Street

Location: Celebration Plaza

Hello good lad, my name is Samuel, and I sell guided tours on Fleet Street. Business is exceptionally good right now, and I'm rolling in money. Fancy to know why? Because I show tourists the REAL side of the city - the side Parliament doesn't want you to know about. But do stay close. If curiosity killed the cat, you'll surely find yourself at the bottom of the Thames River.

Our English city is a city full of rich history, but this place isn't all about crowned jewels and royalty. No, this city was built on greed, vengeance and violence - a tradition we still celebrate today. Crime is especially high at the moment, and on nights like tonight - the blood flows like cheap pub beer. If you can look past the thick fog and classical architecture, you'll see a city that illuminates with darkness. From those who were tortured to the tragic victims of the world's most infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper, many of the phantoms that roam this city are an essential part of British history.

There's an old English folklore that says ghosts only appear in places that have known either great happiness or great misery, and Fleet Street has certainly experienced both.

To make matters worse, we're currently experiencing an industrial dilemma. Thick, poisonous fog has completely engulfed the city, and its effect on the citizens has been grave. Some citizens are more metal scrap than human, and they aren't exactly friendly. Might I give you a little tip, save the hair trim for another day. There have been awful rumors that our barber is a possessed murderer. But if you find the time, do stop by and try a meat pie at the shop below the parlor - they are to die for.