Available Positions

Available Positions

There are nearly 100 different types of seasonal positions available at Carowinds. Whether this is your first job, or you have the experience necessary for some of the behind the scenes jobs, Carowinds is an employer of choice for more than 4,000 associates. Below are some of the seasonal positions available. To apply for one of these positions, please visit our online application at Carowinds.jobs

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Carowinds is committed to providing accommodations to persons with disabilities so that they may pursue employment opportunities in a similar way to other applicants. Carowinds takes all requests for accommodation seriously regardless of the format of the request. If you require accommodation as a job applicant we recommend contacting us by email at carowindshr@carowinds.com . We are dedicated to working with you to meet your needs throughout our process.

Open Seasonal Positions

Rides Attendant: Operates ride and assists guests with boarding and exiting ride/attraction. Maintains cleanliness in various areas of the park.

Ride Operator: Ensure the proper operation of assigned location; inform guests of and enforce ride rules, handle guests situations and maintain
the cleanliness of ride, ride area and entire park.

Rides Trainer: Facilitates training of knowledge and skills to associates and supervisors to enable them to properly perform their assigned tasks. Audits ride locations to ensure all policy and procedures are followed.

Rides Office Clerk: Supplies administrative support to operations management staff.

Rides Team Lead: Oversees and directs operation of Rides and Attractions and grounds at locations.

Rides Supervisor:
 Oversees and directs operation of Rides and Attractions and grounds at locations.

Rides Area Supervisor:  Coordinates and directs park and operational concerns to location supervisor and to Rides Area Manager.

Rides Operations Supervisor: Coordinates and directs park direction and operational concerns, assisting department manager with manager on duty shifts.


Cash Control Assistant: Issues, receives, counts, and balances cash & cash equivalent in remote banks and main cash control facility. Provides first and final count to till count downs and balances bank fund. Monitor associates to ensure proper cash handling procedures and
eliminate potential cash handling violations.

Communications Associate: Operates and monitors base radio console with seven frequencies, maintains ride downtime program, operates multi-line phone system

Operations Supervisor - Security ( Captain) : Supervises the day to day administrative operation of the Security sections as well as monitoring the logistical operation of the department. Represents interest of department in the absence of department managers. Provides training for staff and maintains training documentation.

Security Supervisor: Guides and directs staff of the assigned shift on a daily basis. Supervises all Security personnel and oversees security operation to include in-park, perimeter and investigation areas and communications and access control. Protects property against theft, vandalism and fire and enforces park policies and state laws when applicable.

Security Access Associate: Monitors guest entering and exiting the park through metal detectors and scans guests with hand held metal detection devices.

Security Associate: Maintains a reasonably safe environment for guests and associates, protects the assets of the company, and provides quality service for the park's guests and associates. Protects property against theft and enforces park policies. Protects property against vandalism and fire and enforces state laws when applicable.
Security Access - Team Lead: Supervises operation of Metal Detection Unit Area.

Campground Attendant: Maintains the campground location according to Park standards, registers campers and sells merchandise to Guests. Takes reservations from guest via mail or phone and processes the reservations.

 IT Techinician: Installs and maintains information systems hardware and software for the park's business and administrative operation. Emphasis on daily back office and operational systems' support (hardware and software) insuring the continual operation of the park.