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Introducing County Fair

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County Fair Now Open

Take a step back through time and experience the home-grown thrills of an early-era Carolina County Fair. True to this classic tradition, guests will experience a blast from the past with four new rides, new food offerings, and an atmosphere full of timeless fun for all ages! 

Carowinds Electro-Spin


Get ready for a jolt of fun when Electro-Spin sends riders through a freely rotating orbit through the air on its floorless gondolas. This unique ride will leave thrill seekers awed by its arsenal of tangled tricks. 

Carowinds Zephyr


This classic family swing ride will suspend guests as the ride rotates in a circular, wavelike motion – all while serving up some breathtaking views of the new County Fair and the rest of the park. 

Carowinds Rock N Roller

Rock 'N' Roller

A staple of any County Fair, the Rock ‘N’ Roller is a fast-paced circular ride that will rock n’ roll you around and around, up and down as high-energy tunes and spectacular lighting complement this awesome experience. 

Carowinds Do-Si-Do


This super-fun spiraling adventure will send guests flying through the air and gliding up, down and around as three giant arms rotate riders in different directions – all while increasing speed and elevation. 

Carowinds County Fair Flying Cobras

The Flying Cobras

The Carolina Cobra is getting a makeover with a new name and theme. Fitting for any Carolina County Fair, guests will look to the sky for an air show featuring the daring aviation maneuvers of The Flying Cobras. 

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