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KidCaster Contest

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Introducing the Carowinds KidCaster

Reporting on all the developments from Camp Snoopy

Can’t wait until spring to experience Carowinds’ all-new Camp Snoopy? Check out our KidCaster video series and watch the action unfold. With the help of our junior reporter, you’ll be given a child’s perspective on our kids’ area expansion, plus – all the insights you need on our six new attractions. 

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Meet Eve - Winner of our KidCaster Contest

Meet Eve - Winner of our KidCaster Contest

As the official KidCaster junior reporter, Eve is excited to bring you and your family all the breaking news, developments and construction updates from Camp Snoopy. Eve has a knack for descriptions and loves getting the scoop on her favorite rides. Don’t miss her reports from the field as she brings you everything you need to know about the 2018 season and the exciting transformation of our kids’ area and the six new rides.

Name: Eve
Grade: 1st
Favorite Peanuts Character: Sally 
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Carowinds Ride: Existing is Woodstock Gliders; New is Kite-Eating Tree.