Christmas Cookie Decorating With Mrs. Claus at WinterFest

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Mrs. Claus' Kitchen Cookie Decorating

Making cookies for Santa is one of the most traditional Christmas pastimes of all. The only person who makes cookies better than mom is Mrs. Claus, and she invites you to stop by and decorate four of your very own delicious cookie creations.

Just for WinterFest, Mrs. Claus has replicated her North Pole kitchen in the heart of Carowinds. From the warm stove hearth to the sprigs of evergreens offset with bright bows, her inviting kitchen is home to her top-secret cookie recipes. Kids of all ages are welcome to decorate these sweet treats however they want, so long as they do it with love, just how the Mrs. made the cookies themselves.

Everyone can meet and take pictures with the world’s most famous cookie-maker, and while you’re there, see if she’ll put in a good word for you with the big man himself!

Additional fee required.

Location: Pier 73