New Haunted Scare Maze at SCarowinds, Tooth Fairy

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Park Update: Due to inclement weather, SCarowinds will be closed tonight, Thursday, October 28. Guests who purchased tickets can use them any other operating date through Oct. 31, 2021.

Scream More. Wait Less. Speed past the regular wait lines at this attraction with Fright Lane.

NEW! Tooth Fairy

Location: Nighthawk Pathway

Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy? You better, or you might be the next donor to her vast collection of human teeth – and various other body parts.

Our Tooth Fairy seeks out parents who don’t believe in her. Is this you? Poor fool. Prepare to be snatched from your warm, cozy bed and dragged to her underworld clinic. Trapped within blood-stained walls, all you can hear are whirring drills and ear-piercing screams. The Tooth Fairy’s dental assistants – gassers, extractors, grinders, and taxidermists – grab their crusty, rusty tools and come at you, hungry to begin your “treatment.”

Will you find your way out of this scare maze? Or will you suffer the fate of non-believers who came before you? If only you had believed in the Tooth Fairy…