Slaughterhouse: The Final Cut Haunted House at SCarowinds

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Slaughterhouse: The Final Cut

Location: Carolina Boardwalk

We just don’t understand the vegetarian craze. People say it’s healthy. But backyard burgers are so tasty. Hot dogs on the grill are heavenly! Everyone knows life isn’t complete without bacon. What makes some meat so tasty? Is it the seasoning? The prime cuts? Come to our slaughterhouse to get a hog’s eye view of where your delicious protein comes from. We offer delicious fresh samples – free!

Don’t mind the bloody walls, bloody butchers, bloody knives, bloody everything. Step around the carcasses and maimed creatures. Try to ignore the grinding sounds and bloodcurdling screams. It’s all part of how the magic happens in commercial meat production.

On the tour, you’ll discover what we add that makes our meat the most flavorful around. Or, more accurately, who we add. Mind your manners on our haunted house tour, or you’ll be our next added ingredient.