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Carowinds' Free Digital Jigsaw Puzzles 

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Carowinds Digital Jigsaw Puzzles 

Patrick Wisniewski

Digital Marketing Manager

A Carowinds digital jigsaw puzzle at home activity featuring the Copperhead Strike roller coaster.

This new Carowinds at home activity is a puzzling challenge! Put together beautiful park landscapes with digital jigsaw puzzles. Combine all the pieces of roller coasters, family rides, your favorite PEANUTS pals, seasonal events and more. You can even choose how challenging you want your jigsaw puzzle to be. Want an easier start? Choose the 6 pieces option. Want to challenge yourself? Maybe you'll dare to take on the 1000+ pieces option.

Here's how to play: 

  • Click the puzzle you want to play from the list below. 
  • Choose the amount of pieces you want by clicking the highlighted button below. 

  • If you want to change the backgroud color choose the highlighted button below.

  • Move pieces by clicking a puzzle piece, dragging it into place and clicking your mouse. To connect pieces, drag your puzzle piece to the spot you want it placed in and click. If you hear a snap noise and pieces are joined, the connection was successful. If not, try another piece placement. 
  • If you want to see the final image, hover your cursor over the highlighted button below. It will disappear once you move your cursor. 

Carowinds digital jigsaw puzzle pieces

  • If you want to see only the edge pieces click the highlighted button below. 

Carowinds' Free Digital Jigsaw Puzzle pieces

  • If you would like to capture and release puzzle pieces select this button. Click the piece you want to capture and it will disappear momentarily. Select the area you want to drop the piece and click.  To turn off this mode click the highlighted button again.

Carowinds' Free Online Jigsaw Puzzle pieces

  • Want an extra challenge? You can click this button and it will make the pieces rotateable. Once this option is selected, click the piece and then rotate it using the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard. 

Get started by clicking what puzzle you want to begin below: 

Share your finished puzzles with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

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Patrick Wisniewski

Digital Marketing Manager

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