A Behind the Scenes Look at Carowinds' Landscaping

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Behind the Scenes at Carowinds: Landscaping

Lisa Stryker |
March 18, 2020

Here's a look into how we bring the beauty of nature to Carowinds for you to enjoy.

Carowinds is like a small city. We have auto mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and a host of others who keep the park running. We also have a small team of landscaping experts to keep the park green, shady and lush. Most of our flowers and decorative plants start their lives in our onsite greenhouse.

Rows of seedlings line the greenhouse each spring.

We grow 85% of our summer annuals from seed. Flower choices are made based on what best complements each area of the park and what will thrive in each section. 

These Heliotrope plants will add beauty and fragrance to the park this summer.

"We develop warm and cool color palettes based on what best suits the theming," said landscape specialist Jill Price. "I also like to look for fragrant varieties."

More than 75,000 plants pass through the greenhouse each season.

Price, who has worked at Carowinds for more than 20 years, says her best advice for home gardeners is to choose plants carefully. "Select the right plant for the right place," she said. "Consider how much sun and moisture each plant needs or can tolerate before you plant it. You'll have much greater success that way."

Carowinds' landscape specialist Jill Price being interviewed in the greenhouse.

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