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Scott Gerbereux

Digital Marketing Manager

It's just the beginning of the new year, and the park is already buzzing as we get within striking distance of the 2019 season. Before we launch into another year of thrills and family fun with our Opening Day on March 23, let’s take a look back at last season’s most popular rides and attractions.


Here’s a list of Carowinds attractions that gave the most rides in 2018. 

1. Fury 325 – Over 1.3 million rides given in 2018

The world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster lands at the top of our list of most ridden attractions. Not only is Fury 325 the reigning winner of Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Award for World’s Best Steel Coaster, but this machine is also as efficient as they come. Due to the ride’s design, the designated lockers and our speedy ride operators, swarms of riders pass through the line - decreasing the time you spend waiting and increasing the time you can feel the sting. 

2. Intimidator – Over 1.28 million rides given in 2018

Debuting in 2010, this hyper coaster was inspired by the original Intimidator himself, NASCAR legend and North Carolina native Dale Earnhardt. Intimidator comes in as the second most ridden attraction at Carowinds. Together with Fury 325, Intimidator makes Carowinds home to two of the tallest roller coasters in North America. 

3. Afterburn – Over 750k rides given in 2018

Afterburn continues to be a fan favorite among coaster enthusiasts. With six extreme inversions and non-stop action, this inverted coaster is flipping awesome. Afterburn is also the third tallest roller coaster in the park. So to recap, our top three most ridden attractions are roller coasters and are coincidentally ranked by size.

4. Hurler – Over 530k rides given in 2018

Carowinds’ tallest wooden roller coaster gave the fourth most rides in 2018. Hurler is a fun family coaster with a height requirement of four feet tall, making it a great stepping stone for budding thrill seekers. Combined with its awesome location in Thrill Zone and the excellent improvements on its track, Hurler is a most worthy ride.  

5. Nighthawk – Over 460k rides given in 2018

Diving into the top five is Nighthawk, Carowinds soaring steel flying coaster built by Vekoma. Want to feel like you're flying really fast? Nighthawk takes you on a ride that loops and curves at speeds of up to 51 mph while laying on your back! 

Honorable Mention - Rock 'N' Roller – over 440k rides given in 2018

For the second consecutive year, Rock 'N’ Roller was our most popular non-roller coaster attraction. This fast-paced family ride made a rockin' debut to the County Fair area in 2017. 

Honorable Mention – Peanuts Pirates – over 300k rides given in 2018

Ahoy mateys! Peanuts Pirates sailed to the top of the kids ride ranks in the newly rethemed Camp Snoopy. Mini pirate ships rotate a full 180 degrees as they navigate the bumpy ocean waves.


We're eager to see where new attractions  Copperhead Strike and Mountain Gliders rank in 2019. Ready to ride? Get unlimited visits, exclusive ride time and early access to your favorite rides and with a Season Pass!

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Scott Gerbereux

Digital Marketing Manager

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