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Carowinds is partnering with one of the fastest growing breweries in the Southeast to bring Copperhead Strike beer to the Carolinas. And it packs a bit of a bite, just like the ride it's named for.

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A Brew With a Bite

Lisa Stryker

Director of Communications

A new coaster deserves a new way to celebrate and what could be better than a crisp, cold IPA? Carowinds and Sycamore Brewing have teamed together to create Copperhead Strike IPA, brewed just in time for opening day.

The perfect refresher after a ride on Copperhead Strike

Copperhead Strike IPA is a "sessionable, crisp, classic American IPA, featuring bright citrus hops with underlying floral aromas layered over a smooth and easy-drinking malt profile," as described by Sycamore Brewing's head brewer, Brad Bergman. And it packs a slight hoppy bite, just enough to remind drinkers of its namesake coaster. 

Sycamore Brewing's head brewer, Brad Bergman

Sycamore Brewing is the fastest growing brewery in the Southeast, and the partnership came about naturally. “Carowinds is a brand for the Carolinas, and Sycamore is rooted in the Carolinas. Both are focused on delivering high-quality fun,” said Sarah Brigham, co-owner at Sycamore Brewing.

Enjoy Copperhead Strike at the park or at home!

The beer will be available on tap in Blue Ridge Junction and in cans elsewhere in the park beginning on opening day. Its second launch happens on April 13 at Sycamore Brewing's annual Spring Fest at its Southend, Charlotte taproom. Coaster and beer fans will be able to enjoy the craft brew at home, too. It will start showing up at retail stores this spring. 

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Lisa Stryker

Director of Communications

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