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Enjoy the Perfect Carolina Sunset

Chris Foshee

Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager - @chrisfoshee on Twitter

There’s something very special about a Carolina sunset – especially at Carowinds. As temperatures from the day begin to cool and the sun starts to creep down for the night, the sky puts on a dramatic show behind our picturesque park. Nothing beats a Carolina sunset, and that’s why it made our 100 favorite reasons to own a Carowinds Season Pass.

No two Carolina sunsets are the same. Since Season Passholders get unlimited visits all season, they could visit every day Carowinds is open and be treated to a different sunset with its own unique pallet of colors. It’s truly a treat before embarking on night rides.

romantic sunsets

Season Passholder Tips for Enjoying the Perfect Carolina Sunset

There’s not a bad location in the park to watch the sunset, but from experience, the Thrill Zone near Fury 325, the Carolina Boardwalk and Camp Snoopy near Snack Shack make for the best views. As the sun falls west behind the world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster (Fury 325), you’ll witness something beautiful.

roller coaster sunsets

You also can’t go wrong with a ride on the Carolina SkyTower. Since 1973, this ride has been dishing out phenomenal views of the state line. Add the Carolina sunset into the mix and Charlotte’s Uptown skyline…it’s magical.

The sunsets around 8:30 p.m. during the summer, so you’ll need to scout out your location no later than 8:00 p.m. If you want to watch the sunset on a ride, download the free Carowinds app to access ride wait times and plan accordingly. You’ll want plenty of time to appreciate the entire event.

For the ultimate experience, grab a sweet treat from Rita’s or Sweet Frogs and grab a seat on the Carolina Boardwalk. It provides the perfect break needed for the fun night ahead.

where to enjoy the sunset in North Carolina

Sunsets and Season Passes

The fantastic sunsets are just one of the many reasons why a 2017 Season Pass is a must this summer. In addition to unlimited visits, you can treat yourself to countless unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else. 


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Chris Foshee

Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager - @chrisfoshee on Twitter

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