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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Cirque Imagine

Chris Foshee

Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager - @chrisfoshee on Twitter

Cirque Imagine is back for a second season at Carowinds. With some new moves and new acrobats, this show will keep you coming back for more.   

Since debuting last year in the Carowinds Theatre, Cirque Imagine has quickly become one of our most popular shows. Guests of all ages have fallen in love with its sensational stunts, lively humor and touching story.

Cirque Imagine at Carowinds

No matter how many times you’ve seen this blockbuster production, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Cirque Imagine.

1) Cirque-style shows are a type of French performance art that combines traditional circus acts with dramatic theatre.

2) Cirque Imagine features four red characters that serve as the story’s main protagonists. While they may wear similar costumes and face paint, each has their own characteristics that feed into the storyline.

3) The main prop of Cirque Imagine is a large coral that slides open from the middle. With some impressive stage lighting techniques, the coral changes colors as the story evolves and adds to the mood of each scene.

Cirque Imagine Carowinds

4) The performers of Cirque Imagine come from all over the world, including Canada and Finland. In addition to their daily performances, the cast is always training and learning new skills to add into the show. 

5) When the performers of Cirque Imagine aren’t wowing crowds at Carowinds, many are competitive athletes in gymnastics, pole vaulting, trail biking and trampoline.

6) There are a total of 10 new performers this year, each bringing a wealth of skills that have been adapted into the show.

7) In the finale, the performers bounce on and off a customized trampoline. From the top of the coral, they fall/jump nine-feet down to produce some serious air for their twists and flips.  

8) One popular scene features a cyr wheel, which is a six-foot aluminum tube ring. After carefully entering the spinning ring, the performer grabs the edges with his hands and feet and uses the wheel’s momentum to perform bigger and faster stunts.

9) Aside from the spectacle, Cirque Imagine is a charming love story that brings two worlds together for a touching finale.

Carowinds Live Shows

10) Stick around after the show and meet the performers for a picture. They love greeting their fans!

Cirque Imagine will be performing in the Carowinds Theatre through September 4. Download the free Carowinds app to find show times. Entry to all shows is included with Carowinds admission.

Due to the popularity of Cirque Imagine, we suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes early to each performance. The 675-seat venue often fills up, and this is the best way to guarantee a seat for the show. Plus, the cold air conditioning is always a welcomed pre-show treat.

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Chris Foshee

Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager - @chrisfoshee on Twitter

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