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Think You Have What it Takes to Join the Ranks of the Army of Darkness?

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Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Calling all evil,

Think you have what it takes to join the ranks of the Army of Darkness?

Kelly Murphy and Monica Pierce, SCarowinds operations managers, give us frightful insight on the hiring process for SCarowinds’ Halloween Haunt. Start by completing an application online and then attend an audition, which begin July 22, 2012, between 5-8pm.

Before you can torment souls, you will get your picture taken and fill out a form about your acting experience and work availability. To test your scaring skills, you will audition individually in front of a panel of judges from the core team. In the audition you will be asked to portray a character with voice and movement as if you were in the Halloween Haunt. “If you come with a specific character in mind, such as Freddie or Jason, be prepared to explain what about you is different or unique,” says Pierce.

Another tip Pierce gives is to not let the audition panel reaction affect you. “If we have no reaction, that does not indicate our like or dislike for you,” says Pierce. After six years of being part of SCarowinds, Pierce says not much will scare her anymore.

The core team looks for people that are willing to think outside the box. “We want people who have good energy, creativity and can take direction,” says Pierce. Murphy says, "Don't be afraid to act silly and go outside your comfort zone."

Pierce also mentions that the Core team looks for people with unique talents - from juggling scarves to bending your arm backwards. "We love people who are different, we can use you.”

In addition to the Army of Darkness, there are positions available with the support team. These positions are not scary, but for the safety of our guests.

You can also apply for the make-up and costume teams, but make sure you have a portfolio if you are called for an interview. Make-up positions only require that you have an artistic background and costume positions require the ability to sew with a machine.

In order to work for SCarowinds’ Halloween Haunt you must be 16 years old. Auditions begin Sunday, July 22 and continue every Thursday and Sunday through September.

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