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How I Spent My Summer Vacation, An Interns Perspective

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Monday, September 2nd, 2013

“What I did on my summer vacation, Carowinds from the intern perspective”

As I sit here on my last day of my summer internship at Carowinds, I can’t help but wonder where my summer went! It seems like my first day on the job couldn’t have been more than a week ago, but then I remember just how many incredible things I have been able to do since I came.

Carowinds has always held a special place in my heart. I’ve been a season pass holder at the park since the summer my big sister tricked me into riding the Woodstock express.  I remember standing under the giant bucket in the water park clenching my bathing suit so it wouldn’t be washed away when hundreds of gallons of water dumped over me. Some of my favorite childhood memories are at Carowinds, and I was ecstatic for the opportunity to take an internship that would allow me to help give other children that same experience.

My internship was in the public relations department, so I would be helping the marketing team organize media, plan and carry out events.  My very first day I learned that it took a great deal of work to plan and run events at the park. It was Easter weekend, and I was there at 8am to help set up for our Easter Eggstravaganza! It was cold and rainy, but that wasn’t going to stop us or Peter Cottontail from hunting and dying Easter eggs with the hundreds of kids who came to celebrate with us!

A few weeks later we threw our Fiesta Latina! We invited in dancers that put on a show that taught us all about the Latin culture and how dancing has been a means of expression for them since the time of the Aztecs! Although they wouldn’t let me hold one of the swords they used to fight with as a part of the show, I did get to wear an authentic sombrero and take a picture with them in their elaborate costumes.

One of my favorite events we put on this summer was the King BMX Stunt Show! I have to say it was interesting finding a way to bring in the giant ramps to set up inside the park, working through that challenge was worth it, when I saw one of the performers launch themselves twenty feet in the air and do a back flip! I can’t tell you how rewarding it was to see the kids get excited about that show. I really hope the event we planned encourages kids to pick up a fun sport.

BMX wasn’t the only sport I learned about this summer though! I had the opportunity to run a promotional tent outside the Coca-Cola 600! I had never been to a NASCAR event, and I got to be there for one of the most important races of the entire season! Even though my man Jimmy Johnson didn’t take the flag, it was still incredible!

When you’re getting close to closing out your college career, everyone is scrambling to find an internship that will build a resume and make you look good with little expectation of enjoying what they’ll do. Let me tell you, that was the FURTHEST thing from my experience here at Carowinds.  How could I not enjoy what I do when I could jump on the Intimidator after work and plunge 232 feet into the wildest ride I’ve ever experienced?

I will always love this park. It gave me some of the most fantastic memories of my childhood, and now it has done the same in my professional life.  As I am bringing this blog to a conclusion it pains me to know that I will soon be leaving for the day, but when I do I will leave with the memories and know that I helped bring happiness to the thousands of people who attended this summer.

Carowinds is truly the fun and only, and I will never forget it.

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